GSO Test

GSO Test


Our Nursery is housed in a self-contained building and has its own well-equipped play area. It is staffed with two part-time teachers, a nursery nurse and a learning support assistant.

          Nursery Playground - The Ship          Nursery Playground - Music Area

Children are encouraged to engage in a range of stimulating activities which aim to develop their social, physical, creative, literacy and numeracy skills. They are encouraged to try out new things and explore new environments. We firmly believe in learning through play. We create an environment where children confidently learn to access resources and materials independently, and make their own choices. Children learn best when they are self-motivated, happy and engaged in what they are doing. We teach our children to care for each other and their environment. They develop self-confidence and the ability to solve problems for themselves.

          Nursery Playground - Sand Area          Nursery Playground - Work Bench

We go out on many trips in our immediate environment and also on family trips further afield, such as the seaside. We have an excellent relationship with our local Park Rangers who regularly accompany us on local walks each term. We feed the animals in Maryon Wilson Park. We hunt for minibeasts in our school woods and go pond-dipping in our own school pond. We go out in all weathers and our children learn about the changes in the seasons at first hand. They observe rain drops falling into puddles, feel snowflakes on their tongues and watch ice melting in the sunshine. In summer they learn how to grow plants from seed and help to look after the Nursery garden.

Each session includes a story time when we also sing songs and rhymes and play number and phonic games. Our children learn to speak and sing confidently in front of their peers and to listen to each other. Nursery children are always included in many of the main festivals celebrated in the main school.          

          Nursery Playground - The Stage          Nursery Playground

The Nursery is very much a part of the whole primary school and is included in many festivals and events. We participate in the school Christmas Nativity Play, the May Day celebrations and the school Book Week (in June each year). The children develop a sense of belonging to a larger group and they interact with older age groups.

          Water play in the Nursery           Nursery trip to the Animal Park

We aim for a successful partnership with parents/carers who are, after all, the children’s first and most enduring educators. Parents/carers are invited to meet their child’s teacher for a discussion soon after their child has been admitted.

We suggest you dress your child in old clothes to come to Nursery. They should have warm coats for winter, sunhats and sun block on hot days, and flat comfortable shoes so that they can safely and fully access the curriculum.

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