GSO Test

GSO Test

Year 5

Year 5 is a class in Key Stage 2. The children are aged 9 and 10 years old. Over the course of the year the children develop a variety of different skills in Literacy and Numeracy to encourage them to become more independent in their learning. 

With careful teacher guidance, each child sets their own targets to support themselves in achieving the next step towards their next level in their learning. Every literacy and numeracy session has a learning objective and identified success criteria so that the children can assess how successful they have been.


Year 5 at the Dance Festival          

Topics covered in Year 5 include the Ancient Greeks; a localities study comparing Charlton and Rochester; the Earth, Moon and the Sun. Trips are an important part of their learning and so there are trips to the Science Museum to support their topic on Earth and Space and a trip to the British Museum to explore their artefacts from the Anglo-Saxon period.

Year 5 Arethusa Trip - Archery          Year 5 Arethusa Trip - kayaking

Year 5 pupils are able to extend their teambuilding skills through a three-day school journey to Arethusa in Rochester. They take part in events such as rocket building, rock climbing, high ropes, leap of faith and pool kayaking. They share their achievements and memories in a class assembly which their parents are invited to.

Year 5 Arethusa Trip - the climbing wall          Year 5 Arethusa Trip - climbing the Leap of Faith pole

The children use the internet and work in pairs to create mini projects. They create Power Point Presentations which they share with their class. They also use iPads to support their learning. 

Every other week, the class has an hour’s music lesson with a trained music specialist. Some children continue to learn to play an instrument in small groups.  They also receive an hour’s French tuition fornightly with our French tutor. 

Over the course of the year the children represent the school regularly, taking part in gymnastics, cricket and dance competitions. 

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The children use the Bloom's Taxonomy approach to homework, as used in the classroom. It is more stimulating for the children. A half-termly sheet is devised by the class teacher and sent out. Many tasks set are practical. The children select only one activity from each column fortnightly and work across the grid throughout the half term. At the top of the grid are the 'areas of learning': Remembering, Understanding, Applying, Analysing, Evaluating and Creating, which are in order of progression. Our aim is for the children to really be inspired by their homework and to achieve their own level, facing challenges where appropriate.

The children also complete a piece of literacy, Maths and spelling homework weekly.

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