GSO Test

GSO Test

Year 6

The children’s final year at Thorntree is incredibly busy, packed full of wonderful learning opportunities, captivating topics and increasing responsibility.


          Condover Hall Trip - Fencing          Condover Hall Trip - Aerial Zone


History topics covered include World War Two and the Ancient Greeks. Geography topics covered include South America, biomes and map skills. Science topics covered include electricity, evolution (and inheritance) and light among many others. There are several exciting and engaging sporting events and class trips including the residential school journey to Condover Hall in Shrewsbury. On the school journey, the pupils build on their teamwork skills from Arethusa (Year 5 school journey) and experience a different way of life, taking part in new and stimulating activities that encourage them to develop holistically.


        Condover Hall Trip - Wall Climbing          Condover Hall Trip - Blindfolded Circuit of Faith


Year 6 pupils take greater responsibility in helping with the day to day running of the school, through recycling duties, distributing milk and fruit and helping in the office. They have the opportunity to take the lead in many school events, as well as being positive role models to the other pupils.

Our pupils will leave Thorntree as well rounded individuals, who are aware of their strengths and the challenges facing them as they move on to the next stage of their education.

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Homework this year will be following the Blooms Taxonomy approach, which was introduced last year. In Year 6 the children will be given a homework grid with a wide variety of different activities every term.  The children will chose an activity to complete each fortnight, selecting an activity from each column of the grid. This allows the children to achieve at their own level, by selecting activities that inspire and challenge them.

The children also complete a piece of Literacy and Maths homework as well as spellings, weekly.

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