GSO Test

GSO Test


FOTA stands for the Friends of Thorntree Association. 

FOTA is our PTA. It is a very active and supportive group of parents, guardians, carers and friends who all have, or know, children who currently attend or have attended Thorntree School. They organise fundraising and social events throughout the year such as summer fairs and Christmas fairs, quiz nights, cake sales, auctions of promises, and much more.  The money they raise goes towards funding for school equipment and ‘extras’ for the children.

All parents, carers and friends of children attending Thorntree School are all automatically members of FOTA.

Names you need to know:

Interim Chair: Siobhan Curtis
Interim Vice-Chair: Emi Angel Ashenden
Secretary: position vacant
Treasurer: Janine Khoshnevisan

You can contact any of these people directly, contact the class reps, leave a written message for us at the Office or email us:

We also have a Facebook page.


Current Fundraising Targets

We are currently raising funds for short term and longer term goals. In the short term we want to: buy more picnic tables for the playgrounds, add to the TrimTrail adventure circuit on the field as well as purchase new hens. In the longer term we want to help the school with the costs of building a stronger, warmer, more permanent learning structure outside Years 1 and 2.

Dates of meetings

Each half term we hold meetings on a Friday morning, usually the second Friday of each half term. Meetings will be held in the Studio downstairs and will begin at 9am. Everyone is welcome to come along. We plan fundraising events and decide what to spend our funds on.

Autumn term

To be confirmed

Spring term:

To be confirmed

Summer term:

To be confirmed


Latest news

Events in 2022-2023

The Autumn Fair and Disco - Thursday 21st October raised £430.91.

The Christmas Fayre - on Friday 2nd December raised £1,246.

The Valentine Cake Sale - Friday 10th February

The Easter Raffle and Cake Sale - to be confirmed

The annual FOTA Summer BBQ - Thursday 8th June

The annual Summer Fayre. - Saturday 1st July


As always, these events will need the help, support and participation of parents and friends.

Thank you very much.

The FOTA team